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Do you have a secret?
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Rose by Lady-Alpha Rose :iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 5 0
words to you
You are lost in your world of art
and I am no longer a part of you.
Maybe it's for the best but it feels like I lost part of my soul.
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 2 0

My thoughts are trapped inside my head
I have so many ideas and concepts inside my head but I simply can not find the words to voice them. It's like my head is so full and empty at the same time. - I want to write and write and write but the sheets stay blank. There is nothing to show. Nothing to write down. All the ideas stay inside my head, not meant to be shared. It hurts and it drives me crazy but I can't move on. I try to let my words escape but the walls inside of my mind -
they are too high.
I try to destroy them with my emotion, with my desperation. I try to let everything out but none of it ever leaves these four walls. 
Why won't it work? 
I try to think about nothing. I try to clear my head. My mind still runs.
I feel like I'm blocked.
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 3 1
tastes like fire
Tastes like Fire
She had to admit that he was hot.
Lucy tried to catch her breath as she felt light kisses on her exposed neck. She never imagined being with him like that...HIM. Her best friend, her teammate, her other half? She didn't even know what that pink haired man was to her but right at the moment she didn't really care.
"Is this okay?"
His hand firmly on her knee makes her heart do funny things but she manages to nod and smile at a worried Natsu Dragneel who probably is as clueless as she is right now. They both don't know what they're doing but it kind of feels right in a strange way. Lucy doesn't want to go all the way but she wants to... let go a bit and enjoy her first (real) date with Natsu.
To be honest, dating was really awkward. They were friends before and they'd always hang out and spend time together so it felt like going several steps back when Mirajane told them to have a proper date for once.
Lucy has been aware of her feelings for her friend for quite a long ti
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 3 2
Dancing in the Vampire Bund
Dancing in the Vampire Bund
She looks at herself in the huge crystal golden mirror and she doesn't know what to feel. She's tall- with long slender legs, a slim waist- and she is quite pretty with her long dark brown hair and her slightly pale skin. Elena is the Queen of the Vampire Bound located in the south of France and she has influence as well as power. Still she feels fragile at heart and there is a hole in her soul that can't be filled. After loosing most of her family members she is the last Petrova who reigns in the world of darkness and supernatural.
But today she is not the strong elegant woman who rules over a thousands of men. She is nothing but a little girl whose fate has been sealed by the blood that is running through her veins and there is nothing she can do about the ceremony she is about to face. This will be a life bonding pact that is going to be a cage for her. Her dress is exceptionally beautiful, with patterns of silver and sapphire blue but it does not f
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 0 0
love me like a boyfriend
Love my like a boyfriend
[Korra & Asami]
"I don't want to be your secret anymore!"
The young woman looked at these letters and felt something heavy inside of her body. Her heart was heavy, like a stone and breathing seemed to be very difficult at the moment.
Why was love so hard?
Maybe it wasn't love that was so hard but the people who didn't know their feelings or the once who tried to hide them.
Korra never was a girly person and she never was one to talk about her feelings either. Not because she wasn't allowed to but because she simply couldn't. When she was younger she always wanted to be like her parents. They were strong, kind and loving people and they taught her the true meaning of 'home' and 'family'. She's always been free to be herself and her parents always, always supported her but this was different. It wasn't about her parents and it wasn't about anybody else-
anybody but Asami...
Korra could feel her heart warm at the thought of her best friend Asami. Tall,
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 1 2
Of Tigers and Dragons
Of Tigers and Dragons
She's small. In fact she looks like a pretty doll with her flawless orange colored locks and pale skin but she isn't the kind to be a cute little princess. Taiga Aisaka is in fact quite the opposite of 'cute', that girl can knock all of your teeth out with one swoop of her baseball bat or one of her strong as hell kicks.
Who knew that such a small girl could be such a violent fighter.
Ryūji Takasu is that regular teenage boy with a scary face and a passion for cleaning and never would he have thought that this very girl would be his ticket to a better life.
They met at their first day of school and she knocked him KO after he bumped into her and stated her small height. Ryu didn't even know what hit him but he was sure that this must've been the worst first day at school ever! On his way home he saw her again but she didn't look furious at all, she looked rather lonely and kind of...sad. Still he wasn't going to talk to her and risk another embarrassing defea
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 2 2
Little Bunny
Little Bunny
She  smells like vanilla and flowers. Her skin is pale, her eyes a shade of forest green. The raindrops role down her smooth skin and he needs to take a deep breath or he will get the feeling that he can’t breathe. He knows that he fucked up, he’s a big mess after all. She looks like a fairy, all delicate and fragile. He wants to kiss her. He shouldn’t want to kiss her in the first place. But he does.
„So did you find what you’re looking for?“
She’s facing him, her small curves catch the corner of his eye. He shakes his head simply to clear his mind. The air is fresh and the only noise audible is the singing of the birds. There are green leaves everywhere, large trees and moss.
She tries again but the man in front of her is lost in her eyes. Not that she would notice. He is ruffling his white strands of hair and his wine colored eyes meet hers. She’s a magical creature and he’s a human even if he
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 4 3
summer paradise
Summer Paradise
Maka Albarn is a top student. A hard worker with passion and courage. She is smart and she knows what she wants. But she has to admit that she really isn’t good at relaxing. Just taking a break doing nothing.
“Sooo have you packed your stuff yet?”, Tsubaki gave her a gentle smile while packing some snacks for the drive. Maka looked at her still almost empty bag. There only were a few pairs of socks and books and it made her friend slightly role her eyes.
“Come on Maka, this will be a lot of fun and you really need a time out. You always work so hard and this is the last summer break before we graduate.”, 
Oh yeah that too. They all were about to leave the academy and go their own ways and even though Maka couldn’t wait to go to university and start to work she knew she would have to say goodbye to her friends and him.
Him. Soul Evans, “the last Death Scythe”. Her partner, her roommate, her closest friend, her soulmat
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 4 0
Monster in the closet
Monster in the closet
Her eyes burn from reading for what felt like a whole day and her stare looks numb from the countless hours of regarding graphs and charts. She wears her pigtails like she always does and he can see her small lips chewing on her pen. She's concentrated but then again she always is. Has been for an eternity now. She's smart and hard working. He thinks she should relax some more. She wouldn't care. He knows that too. He knows almost everything about her. They have started dating two years ago and he still looks at her like he can't believe she really is his now.
Haru watches her for a few minutes and decides to start playing with her hair. He loves wrapping it around his fingers or to just brush it. Her her is soft and smells like shampoo. Shizuku frowns.
„You're keeping me from studying!"
He doesn't care. He eyes her with great interest and keeps wrapping her pigtails around his fingers. Her hair is auburn and shiny and he thinks it would be perfect f
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 2 3
not a crush
Not a crush
No, it's not only a crush. It's something destructive, something that could make the very core of the earth melt, something that could cause a nuclear explosion, something that could make a dead body's heart beat once more.  
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 1 0
I could never compete with her and I'm not going to try. She is better than me in every way-
She is beautiful and intelligent, kind and gentle, creative and strong, sporty and classy-
What could I possibly give you? Me and my anxiety, me and my fear, me and my pain, me and my wounds, me and my solitude?
I’m like a ghost, something that simply disappears and is easily forgotten and she is like an angel with a soul so bright it outshines every single star in a night sky.
My demons control me, I'm covered in fear and unconsciousness and she is a brave knight who could slay dragons.
You should definitely choose her over me. It's not like you haven't already done so.
Don’t worry, it’s okay. You will forget about me and I will eventually move on to another chapter.
I'm the sad girl who hides in shadows, She is the happy girl who embraces life every day.
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 0 0
SoulxMaka How can you?
How can you?
It was a typical afternoon and they just dismissed class. As always Maka sat under a tree close to the sports field where the guys play ball and continued her book.
"She's reading even more lately. Never thought that would be possible...", Liz looked at her and frowned. The tall blonde knew something was weird. "What can I say, she loves books!", Tsubaki the shy yet extremely pretty japanese woman gave Liz a warm smile. She was Maka's best friend and the person Maka trusted most so maybe Tsubaki knows something that Liz didn't. On the other hand Maka didn't really talk about her feelings at all.
"Yeah I know that but still it's gotten worse and she's never having lunch with us since-", There was a click in Liz's mind. She remembered something did change in their life and it was something big but Liz didn't really realize it til now. "...Wait, this is about Soul isn't it?", Her eyes were on the white haired boy who was deep in a game of basket ball against Black Star and Ki
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 11 7
Katara my deepest thoughts
Katara: My deepest thoughts
(AangxKatara / Avatar the last airbender)
It was hope. It was love. Right from the very beginning when they met. She'd never expect such a long- almost endless- journey but he took her hand and everything started just from there. Her brother was a dumbass sure but she was still glad that he joined them.
Aang is the Avatar & the last airbender...
He looked like an innocent little child when she first looked at him but somehow he gave her this amount of new hope and she put her trust in him.
It took her a lot of time. A lot of pain and a lost of strengh to finally realize that Aang wasn't that little boy to her anymore and that wasn't easy.
She knew he had feelings for her before but that was not surprising because she was the girl who was always around him. (Also the only real one since Tooph was more...well, Toph!) So she tried to see him as a very good friend and nothing more. He was the Avatar after all and she was just some water tribe girl and she didn't
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 0 0
It's not it
It's not it
...the feeling is not love! It is vodka!
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 0 0
dying stars
♦dying stars♦
stars shine brightest when they die,
and still we look at them thinking how beautiful they are!
I want you to look at me like I was a star when I die, okay?
:iconlady-alpha:Lady-Alpha 0 0


Flower vase by design112 Flower vase :icondesign112:design112 690 11
Erase all fear; steal your heart to those desires that bind you to weakness.
:iconja-lashley:JA-Lashley 14 1
CP: Kumiko - VIDEO PROCESS AVAILABLE by marikyuun CP: Kumiko - VIDEO PROCESS AVAILABLE :iconmarikyuun:marikyuun 77 8 THE VESSEL by KsPeR THE VESSEL :iconksper:KsPeR 62 23 Split Head by Angel-gotic Split Head :iconangel-gotic:Angel-gotic 2 0 Newt Scamander/Eddie Redmayne by JaneMorphia Newt Scamander/Eddie Redmayne :iconjanemorphia:JaneMorphia 159 18 Quick sketch by lihnida Quick sketch :iconlihnida:lihnida 101 26 Maria by chaamal Maria :iconchaamal:chaamal 593 59 016 by Blichtr 016 :iconblichtr:Blichtr 242 18 Flower crown by neraxichy Flower crown :iconneraxichy:neraxichy 23 0 ... the only way ... by FlowerOfTheForest ... the only way ... :iconfloweroftheforest:FlowerOfTheForest 87 5 Draconic by Onyx-Philomel Draconic :icononyx-philomel:Onyx-Philomel 71 21 Celostina by Hyperactive-Kitteh Celostina :iconhyperactive-kitteh:Hyperactive-Kitteh 22 9 Photo Study 2 by Hyperactive-Kitteh Photo Study 2 :iconhyperactive-kitteh:Hyperactive-Kitteh 4 0 Poppy Field by laoan Poppy Field :iconlaoan:laoan 6 0 Untitled by PutyatinaEkaterina Untitled :iconputyatinaekaterina:PutyatinaEkaterina 267 46




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